Christmas 2017.

We pretty much had a bucket list Christmas this year. I didn't get all weird about it or anything it just kinda happened that way. Something about knowing the twins are seeing it all for the first time has made everything a little more magical for Bart, the big boys, and I. 

This Christmas we

  • Watched a Christmas play about the birth is Jesus; Cousin Mase was a clumsy shepherd. This was a mamma & big boy activity.
  • Watched another Christmas play about the birth of Jesus that Cousin Brionna & Cousin Jordan & Jonah all had parts in; this was a whole family activity. 
  • Saw the Christmas lights display in town (three times actually.)
  • Went Christmas caroling for the first time ever on my birthday. 
  • Watched ALL the Christmas movies. With extra emphasis on Christmas Vacation and Home Alone, duh. 
  • Watched It's a Wonderful Life for the first time in ages for me and the first time ever for Bart and the big boys. I cried obviously. New Christmas tradition. 
  • The babies met Santa, and I got the classic, "baby-crying-on-Santa's-lap-picture" I was really wanting. 
  •  Aunt Julie and Cousin Trevor came all the way from California to kick off December with us. She brought the babies the book, "Santa is coming to Arkansas," and they loved it. 
  • Pictures in front of the tree. 
  • Setting cookies out for Santa.
  • The works. 

It was a very Merry Christmas. 

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