Cake smash.

The last time I had a one year old (over a decade ago) cake smashes weren't even a thing. While we're at it, iPhones weren't a thing, cell phone cameras weren't a thing, social media wasn't a thing, mom groups weren't a thing, and my "google" was a well worn copy of, "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Seriously y'all, it was different back then. It was a simpler time. 

And I haven't bought into all of the cool, new age parenting things; we never did a gender reveal or anything fancy like that. But the idea of watching the twins tear into their own little cakes was too cute to pass up. Plus, free cake (if you don't mind eating cake which has had feet in it- and I most certainly do not.) 

Long story short, we let the babies trash a couple little cakes to celebrate their first birthday. 

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