Garden Days.

Lately I have been obsessed with creating short little films to capture the mood of life right now. When Briley and Jonah were babies (well over a decade ago) I created tons of home movies on a handheld camcorder and to this day going back and watching the footage of my two teenagers as little naked toddlers playing in a blue swimming pool in the backyard just takes my breath away. Hearing those tiny voices from so long ago. Not much compares to that. Obviously I love photography, and old photographs, and all things pictures but it's apples and oranges. Home movies just have a way of getting you right back in that moment. I know one day I'll be watching this teary eyed when the twins are teens and I couldn't physically carry them both down to the garden if I wanted to. Here is a look at summer 2018 and garden days. 

Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV, Sigma ART 35, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.