Things I've learned from chickens.

Sometimes there will be a little chicken running along the fence. Boy, he really looks like he wants to get over to that other side. I watch him run up and down the fence for a while and then feel sorry for him. So I put him on the other side thinking he's gonna run off into the sunset on that coveted "other side of the fence." But what does he do? He begins to run up and down that side of the fence thinking he wants back over. Moral of the story; just love your own side of the fence. 

Chickens are kind of like turtles, sometimes when they get on their backs they can’t roll back over. In the mornings when you’re walking through you give them a little flip. Lesson: when you've rolled onto your back and you can't get up and someone helps you back on your feet; take a minute, get your bearings, and then run off. If you just go nuts as soon as you get back up, chances are you're gonna fall back down.

Lastly, 18,000 baby chicks are super cute and cuddly (my personal record is snuggling 9 at once,) however, they all grow up to be big, noisy, and a little intimidating at those numbers when they weigh 9 pounds apiece.

(We are chicken farmers.)

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