The beach.

Beaching with two teenagers and two toddlers went surprisingly well. This was the babies first big family vacation. A lot of wrenches attempted to throw themselves into my planning on this trip but it had been two years since we last visited the beach and we were overdue. 

Bart ended up having to stay behind for the first three days (chicken farmer / general manager probs) so I was going it alone for the 9 hour trip down with four boys, three Barney DVDs, two pack n plays, two high chairs, two strollers, and a whole lotta optimism. 

It was one of those moments that was borderline stressful at the time but you *know* will be an awesome memory as soon as your journey is through ha! 

Highlights for me were watching the twins take in the beach for the first time, the day we did nothing but watch movies, and go carts with just the two big boys. 

I will treasure these pictures forever. There may not be that one traditional photo with all of us in the frame (I tried and failed) but take my word for it that we were all there feeling the eyes and ears on us while we were attempting photos about an hour past the twins bedtime. #meltdowncity

But even the meltdown picture is cute. 

Thankful for these memories.