Sam & Jack.

The babies are 6 months old now. 
Carrots are their favorite. 
They require 200 kisses a day. Apiece.
They love Gnomeo. 
Sam is more ticklish than Jack.
They always hold hands when they take their milk and have since they were born.
Jack is a very open minded eater, Sam makes faces.
Jack is a very neat eater, Sam ends up with carrots in his ears, eyebrows, and hair.
Sam is a scaredy cat and cries 100% of the time at the Happy Birthday Song. 
They love fireworks, loud tractors and loud machines, but do not let a “Whoo!” out during Monopoly because Sam will get scared and cry and then so will Jack. Twins crying (always in unison when it’s the scared cry) is a lot. 
Sam is very speedy in his walker. He can go anywhere in the house. Bart swears he saw him run over, dump an open drink on the carpet, and smile. 
Jack is very focused on his hands. He can hold a baby biscuit in his mouth and eat the whole thing, he can also take Samuel’s paci out of his mouth and then put it into his own mouth. 
They love to sit on the front porch. 
They love to watch it rain and storm.
They “need” to go swimming every day.
Jack loves to splash and Sam likes to kick back and float. 
They love bath time.
You must have their bed time bottle ready within 5 minutes of the bath or you will hear about it. 
They still sound like the Harry Potter mandrakes when they cry. 
When you change Sam’s diaper; take your time. When you change Jack’s diaper; do it with lightening speed (I get peed on every single day.) 
Their hair is growing in, at a rate of 3 single strands every night.
Their hair is lighter with a hint of red.
Their eyes are still a bright blue like their daddy's. 
How do we tell them apart? Well their faces are slightly different but when you're in a hurry a bald baby looks like the next bald baby. Luckily, Sam has a hemangioma on his back and an extra swirl of cartilage in his right ear so my fear of mistakenly mixing them up for life will never be realized.
Some days I dress them alike, some days I don't. 
They both LOVE their big brothers who I thank the Lord for every day. Briley and Jonah can fix bottles, rock them to sleep, entertain them, dress them, everything (I try to take care of diapers because, gross.)
They also love their daddy. They love his kisses. They love his beard. And they love to pull on it. 
Fifty percent of the time they are THE happiest babies. The other fifty percent of the time it’s a wild ride.
I haven’t slept in the year 2017.
But it’s worth it 100%