First haircuts.

I had for real anxiety about the twins first haircuts. They just couldn't be ready? They are still babies!! Plus having two older boys I *knew* what would happen if we got their hair cut. They would instantly go from babies to toddlers. 

So I had a bright idea and it's the only way I survived. I bid the curls a formal goodbye with this little photo shoot. I guess at the root of it all I didn't want these wild haired days to go forgotten. So many things end unceremoniously when you have babies. There is so much new all the time that the old quietly slips by. 

I can't tell you the date of the last time I rocked Briley, or the last time I helped Jonah use the potty. It seems like those moments should have been a big deal. I guess you don't always know something is ending until it's over.

That's why these pictures brought me closure. A formal goodbye to the baby curls.