Easter 2017.

The twins had the best first Easter. They woke up with smiles on their faces and passed out as soon as all the cousins left.

Easter baskets were sweet and simple this year. Jonah needed a "honka honka" horn for his bike so that was tossed in with the chocolate rabbit and candy filled eggs. The babies each got a lovey and a hard page book. The best part was how excited the big boys were about the little boys' first Easter baskets. The most bittersweet part was "shopping for the Easter Bunny" with the big boys. They spared me a broken heart and played along but it was still bittersweet.

Later in the morning we took the babies to church for the first time. Intimidating as the thought of wrestling and shushing two 3 month olds for an hour seemed, they were great. It had been so long since I held a sleeping baby in my arms through a church service.

We had a traditional Easter dinner with all the cousins later in the evening. The boys and I chose a 20 pound ham earlier in the week- there will be leftovers to put it lightly. They colored and hunted eggs and it was just an evening full of family. The best kind.

I have to say that my favorite part of the whole day was swapping out the twins' Easter outfits for oversized t-shirts and then finding them passed out on their pillow. They looked adorable. Little moments like that flash me back to my first days of mothering babies ten years ago.

Another among a year of new firsts.