The Smiths.


Fresh vibes in 2018 and I'm in love. Fresh editing, styling, and fresh eyes for an emphasis on the moments. To take your family photo session to the next level I think there are a few easy things you can do. One, come prepared to snuggle and love and lay in grass together. I will help guide you and set you up in the most flattering positions to let the organic moments happen. Two, instead of assembling several sets of outfits for your family, focus on one beautiful set of outfits. This takes preparation stress off of you AND allows us more time during the session for the natural loving moments to unfold. I often find that with kids we kind of reset after an outfit change. Let's get really comfortable with each other. Let's play. Let's make your kids laugh. And then I will fade to background and that's when the magic happens. The moments are what make those next level images, not a bunch of different outfits. Speaking of which *see below.* 

Nicole and I worked closely together to achieve a look rich in tones and textures for the family's wardrobe. Pair that with tall wheat colored grass and sunset and it was magic. 

I hope you love these as much as I do.