Collector of beautiful moments.

Romantacizer of all things.   

Lover of natural light.

Boy mom, twin mom.

Farm life. 

Welcome to my blog. Since I was 13 years old I’ve kept a diary or journal and to this day I sometimes dig them out and thank myself. How, without a diary, would I have remembered that on April 3rd, 2006 I drove by the farm I would later call home and write, “It’s the most magical, sunlit place I’ve ever seen, with hills rolling neatly and covered in golden grass.”

True story. Documenting, capturing the fleeting, and being a historian has always been a core part of me; second nature like breathing. And for that I am so, very glad.

Later I started keeping a blog, and here we are today. On this blog you will find my life; the big moments and those small moments which are ultimately the big moments too. This is a home for all the things I love. These are the things that inspire me when I’m collecting beautiful moments for you and capturing the things you love.

It's a perfect, romantic circle. 

I am Mom to 4 boys; two teenagers and twin toddlers, Wife to an ambitious & handsome farmer by day/ CEO by night, living the farm life in Sidney, Arkansas surrounded by more cows and chickens than fellow man. Aside from writing and photography I love to grow a garden, work out in the fresh air, paint, read, live, laugh, love- you get the point.

I’m so glad you’re here.  

Established in 2013, Key Moments Photography // Brandi Schulz is a family, senior portrait, and wedding photographer based in Northeast Arkansas with an emphasis on emotion & organic moments and a distinct style.

Key Moments Photography has been featured on Beyond the Wanderlust, Senior Style Guide, The Unraveled Academy, and more. 

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